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FMSI Edelmann Fittings News Files



[Orlando, Florida, February 2 2024] – FMSI Automotive Hardware, a leading innovator in the automotive aftermarket industry, has been recognized for its groundbreaking contribution to the sector. At the highly anticipated MACS Training & Trade Show, FMSI Automotive Hardware has emerged victorious, clinching the prestigious Most Innovative New Product award for Kool-Air Kwik Connect air conditioning fittings.

The MACS Training & Trade Show serves as a pivotal platform for industry leaders to showcase their latest advancements, cutting-edge technologies, and revolutionary products. Amongst fierce competition, FMSI Automotive Hardware’s commitment to innovation and excellence has stood out, earning them this esteemed accolade.

The winning product promises to revolutionize the automotive aftermarket landscape. With its ingenious design, unmatched functionality, and unparalleled performance, it is poised to set new benchmarks within the industry.

Mr. Dave Greenwood Founder & President of FMSI, expressed his delight at receiving this distinguished honor, saying, “We are thrilled to be recognized as the recipient of the Most Innovative New Product award for our Kool-Air Kwik connects at the MACS Show. This award is a testament to our team’s relentless dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation. At FMSI, we are committed to delivering problem solving solutions that empower our customers and drive the industry forward.”

FMSI’s success at the MACS Training & Trade Show not only reaffirms its position as a trailblazer in the automotive aftermarket but also underscores its unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of its operations.

For more information about FMSI Automotive Hardware (FMSI Edelmann Fittings) and its innovative product lineup, visit

FMSI MACS Award 2024



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FMSI Automotive Hardware Releases New “Series E” AC Catalog

FMSI has been a strong presence in the automotive aftermarket fluid carrying line segment for over 30 years, developing a unique offering along the way. Our new “Series E” AC Catalog release are by far our largest AC catalog to date. Updated with our most current AC problem solving automotive hardware offering, the new catalog with the release of the KOOL-AIR KWIK-CONNECT and ERRECOM chemical solutions. Our products host the expected FMSI staples and many new products.

Included in the “Series E” AC, are expanded sections in air conditioning, R1234yf air conditioning service equipment and repair products. FMSI Automotive Hardware’s focus has always been to develop and offer simple, proven, problem solving solutions to common automotive repair issues. The “Series E” AC catalog continues in this tradition.

Printed copies will be available through local FMSI distributors. Versions in English, French as well as Spanish will be available shortly to suit customer needs. The English, French and Spanish FMSI Automotive Hardware “Series D” catalogs may also be viewed in the Resources or Downloadable catalog section.




FMSI AUTOMOTIVE HARDWARE Announces the Acquisition of Edelmann (Brass and Brake) assets.

Burlington, Ontario/Dixon, Illinois November 21, 2022
FMSI Automotive Hardware is proud to announce its acquisition of the Brass & Brake assets of Plews & Edelmann. The purchase will complement FMSI’s existing business.

FMSI Automotive Hardware, has been a leading manufacturer of brake, fuel, transmission, AC and Coolant repair lines and fittings for over 30 years. With the addition of Edelmann Fittings and Brake Lines, FMSI will be the industry leader in high quality, problem solving automotive fittings and fluid carrying lines. Our customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand will be able to take advantage of two great offerings merged into one source.

Founder & President, David Greenwood stated, “The addition of Edelmann Brass & Brake, combined with FMSI established programs, continues our commitment to serve all channels of distribution with a comprehensive range of the highest quality products and problem-solving offerings to the automotive aftermarket.”

Dan Billie, CEO of Plews & Edelmann stated, “The sale of the fittings business is a direct result of Plews’ focus on providing the total solution to the power steering category. Along with the recent sale of our non-application parts business to Highline Warren, this completes a 3-year effort to diversify away from
non-application parts categories.

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